What is the DataDash App? (M2 Pro Miner manager)

Datadash is an app developed by the MXC Foundation that allows users to track the performance of their M2 Pro Miner. The app provides real-time data on hashrate, temperature, and power usage, as well as detailed statistics on earnings and payouts. Datadash also allows users to monitor the network difficulty and block height, providing valuable insight into the health of the MXC network. In addition, the app includes a handy calculator that can estimate earnings based on current conditions. Datadash is a must-have for any M2 Pro Miner owner, and is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Manage your M2 Pro Miner like a boss

Use the DataDash app to unlock DHX and Bitcoin mining on your M2 Pro and maximize your mining revenue. The app will guide you step by step and after activation of BTC and DHX mining it will track the performance and revenue.

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