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This week is Black Friday week – offering discounts up to €350 PER MINER! 

Copy the coupon code below and use them upon checkout to claim up to €350 discount per M2 Pro miner.

1-3 miners, get €150 off per miner. Discount code is BLACKFRIDAY150
4-9 miners, get €250 off per miner. Discount code is BLACKFRIDAY250
10+ miners, get €350 off per miner. Discount code is BLACKFRIDAY350

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Due to high demand, shipping time is currently: 1 week (down from 7-8 weeks)

The revolutionary M2 Pro multi token miner is the most popular bear market proof multi token miner in crypto space. By helping the fast growing MXC IoT network by providing network coverage, you earn multiple tokens with these easy to install plug & play miners. And all that with the energy consumption of a lightbulb!

  1. Jump into the multi token miner action today and start earning $10-14 per day worth of MXC, BTC, DHX and soon other coins as well. Hit your return on investment in 7.5 – 8 months.
  2. Is the token price going down? Great! You will earn more of them every day to continuously earn the same amount in USD. 
  3.  Continue reading below for more important information & tips we think you should know.

Important information & transparency

  • We offer the lowest price for an M2 Pro Miner as we are not a reseller, but instead refer you to the official webshop of the M2 Pro Miner: MatchX’s own website.  Thanks to our partnership, you will receive €50,00 off the retail price and so pay the lowest price. Copy coupon code AFFILIATE_3482948 to claim your discount.
  • Shipping times are up to date and can increase/decrease based on supply & demand. It is worth waiting a few more days/weeks and pay less, rather than paying hundreds of Euro’s more at a reseller. If you plan to order 10+ miners, contact us and we can try to arrange faster shipping, but unfortunately no additional discount.
  • Never buy a secondhand M2 Pro Miner as the Fuel Tank will most likely be emptied, meaning your Miner will work at only 50% efficiency. Learn more about the Fuel Tank here.
  • Yes – €2779,00 is a lot of money, but the M2 Pro earns itself back in about 8 months (€2779/€11 = 252 days). Unlike Helium (HNT) Miners, the mining rewards are fixed at $10-14 per day worth in MXC and do not depend on Miner performance or utility. It get’s better, when the MXC token price goes down – you will receive more tokens per day to meet the $10-14 per day. Therefore the M2 Pro is the perfect Miner for bear markets. Read this article which compares Helium Miners vs the M2 Pro Miner.
  • This Miner is not designed to be a ‘get rich quick’ or ‘pump and dump’ Miner. It greatly incentives those interested in long term holding.
  • If you have any questions about the Miners, feel free to send us a message by email or using the chat function. We’ll try to respond within 24 hours and provide you with all the information you need.

Click here to buy the M2 Pro Miner and claim €50,00 off. 

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MatchX M2 Pro Miner




$10-14 per day in MXC tokens

Return on investment time

+- 227 days ( 7,5-8 months)

9 reviews for MatchX M2 Pro Miner

  1. ZA90

    Best crypto miner in the world. I sold my Bitcoin miners to buy this one as the rewards on bitcoin were too low to even cover the electricity cost. The M2 Pro barely uses any energy and so far (3 weeks in) has paid around 9,50 per day in MXC.

  2. Matthias

    A little bit pricy, but so far a better investment than my BTC miner. 9/10 would recommend

  3. Claus

    Great miner, I noticed the MXC rewards increased as the token price took a dip recently, so I’ll have more MXC to sell later.

  4. ray derlagen

    I was skeptical at first, but after reading up on the Matchx M2 pro miner I decided to give it a go and ordered one. Got mine 9 days later and it’s been up and running for 2 weeks now, resulting as advertised in 10-12 worth of mxc per day. I’ll order another one in a few weeks!

  5. Jerome91

    This is probably the best crypto miner as the amount of tokens you earn goes up when crypto prices go down (like now). Great for bear markets, ordered 2.

  6. Josiac

    Ordered mine 2 months ago. Earning on average $12.35 in MXC tokens even when the token price fluctuates. 10/10 works as advertised

  7. Gerrit E

    Compared various sites but this one had the best offer. Cant wait for the miner to arrive!

  8. Janus

    Saved myself over €250 by using the link above (leads to the official webshop of MatchX) vs buying from a reseller

  9. Eric

    The discount worked and I got my M2 Pro Miner already after 20 days

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