MXC Rebrand: Machine Exchange Coin is now Meta X Connect!

Exciting news from the MXC Foundation. As part of their rebranding strategy and to underline the direction the foundation is heading, The MXC abbreviation the business proudly uses now stands for Meta X Connect instead of Machine eXchange Coin. Sounds sexy, right? You can guess the direction they are heading: Meta space.

MXC Meta X Connect Machine Exchange Coin M2 Pro Miner

The change in name is part of the journey to transcend from an IoT data network startup to a Web 3.0 decentralized web infrastructure pioneer. The change in identity is part of the evolution the company has gone through since its inception in 2018. As blockchain technology changes quickly, so must entrepreneurs in the crypto space.

Over the past months, MXC has been working intensively on a rebranding strategy which truly represents the MXC Foundation’s direction in the year 2022 and beyond. Today we are thrilled to reveal the future of MXC, Meta X Connect, a new MXC brand identity that best reflects our commitment to data, Web 3.0, and the metaverse.

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Another step forward

This rebranding news arrived around the same time as Bitcoin mining permanently goes live for owners the M2 Pro Miners. It suffices to say that the future looks bright for MXC, with their track record of multiple achievements in a relative short time span. Recently, their native token was added to major exchange Kraken, the RSS feed got picked up by and MXProtocol entered the NFC market.

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