MXC Foundation: Meta-XP is coming Sept. 20! What does that mean?

The MXC Foundation has been getting us excited over the past few days with the announcement of Meta-XP. On Twitter, they write how going live with Meta-XP will provide more features for M2 Pro Miner owners. For example, the number of different assets that can be mined will be increased. A positive news for all M2 Pro miner owners!

To sum up, they write that we can expect a change in the composition of the revenues generated by the M2 Pro miner and that we need not worry about Miner Health – that will be guided step by step.

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MXC fuel tank becomes mPower

A big change announced by the MXC Foundation is that in the future, the Fuel Tank will become decisive for the mPower, which is required for mining DHX tokens. Thus, soon you will no longer need to tie up a separate amount of MXC in order to mine DHX.

September 20 is the launch date

More information is not known at this time, but in just under a week the MXC Foundation will announce more about the changes that will benefit owners of M2 Pro miners. We look forward to next week with enthusiasm.

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