MatchX M2 Pro Miner review

The best kind of review is the one from an actual owner of a product. A great source for reviews is Reddit, as users share their experiences both positive and negative, unaffected by consequences by the manufacturer or webshop they ordered their product from.

We found a great M2 Pro Miner review from only a few days ago by an enthusiastic miner whom owns not 1, but 3 M2 Pro miners! Here’s what he has to say on Reddit:

M2 Pro Miner review

I bought 2 miners in January 2022 and they went live on the 21st. I liked them so much I bought another in March! I brought the 3rd live March 13th.

So check it, at $10/day I should have earned $1000 for 2 miners between Jan 21-Mar 12 (50 days). Currently with 3, for the time period between Mar 13-Jun 2 (80 days) I should have earned $3430!

Now for the good part. I have earned over 40800 MXC in this time period. Worth over $3350 at the time of writing this, even with the dip! A difference of $150 is not a big deal when looking at values across the board when holding crypto.

Edit: Added days with 3 miners. Total of 130 days mining. Avg $25/ day

By ‘BeautifulFunny9106’ Source

Not only the owner writing the post is happy about their investment, the responses in the thread are very positive as well about their mining rewards and their perspective on the future:

Good stuff! Have 2 deployed since May 10th, earned $458 so far. I probably won’t withdrawal for another year or two. Don’t want to cut earnings with a lower fuel tank.

By ‘MrKrustySocksSource

I am holding 4 total, 2 from march month and recently got 2 more in May month end. Overall, it’s working very steady. No project give to you fixed $10-11 a day. I believe this project not going anywhere with IOT network. May be we see less rewards ongoing. If they able to spread the project throughout the world and get more customer. It’s right time to buy more mxc on bearish market.

By ‘jjoshi2n’ Source

Is the M2 Pro Miner still worth it?

A fair question from someone not owning an M2 Pro miner yet is: ‘is it still worth to buy an M2 Pro miner?’ According to the OP of the thread there’s a bumpy road ahead, but the future of the MXC network is bright:

buy m2 pro miner is it worth it? 2022

Get your M2 Pro Miner

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