MatchX M2 Pro Miner Black Friday deals – €150-€350 discount PER MINER!

Even though MatchX’s flagship, the M2 Pro Multi Token Miner, has proven its value over and over during this long lasting bear market – they still decided to offer a very tempting Black Friday deal on their outstanding crypto miner.

Only this week, you can claim up to €350 off PER MINER. That’s right, not per order, but per individual miner! This unique deal has not been seen before, making it the perfect moment to acquire your first, second or 10th M2 Pro Miner. With a shipping time of only 1 week, you’ll be happily mining MXC, BTC & DHX long before Santa Clause starts loading up his sled.

M2 Pro Miner black Friday discounts

Here’s how it works. Head over to the official website of MatchX and order up to 10 M2 Pro Miners at one. The more you order, the higher the discount you receive per Miner. Below you can find the amount of discount you get, depending on the amount of M2 Pro Miners that you order:

1-3 miners, get €150 off per miner. Discount code is BLACKFRIDAY150
4-9 miners, get €250 off per miner. Discount code is BLACKFRIDAY250 
10+ miners, get €350 off per miner. Discount code is BLACKFRIDAY350

By using the highlighted coupon codes upon checkout, you can claim up to €350 off. For example, if you would order 10 M2 Pro Miners today, your total discount will be €3500(!), which is pretty much 2 miners for free.

M2 Pro Miner profitability

Despite being in a bear market, the M2 Pro Miner has proven itself over and over to be the best crypto miner in the world. Not only does it barely use any electricity (about 5W, same as a small lamp) and therefore being significantly more green than let’s say a Bitcoin Miner, it also steadily rewards €10-12 per day in MXC, BTC and DHX tokens. On Reddit and other fora you can find plenty of user experiences that back this claim up.

So jump into the action with these massive black Friday discount deals and start mining next week! Learn more about the deal and the miner on the website of MatchX:

M2 Pro miner black friday deals