M2 Pro Miner Health explained

The concept of Miner Health is a unique characteristic of the M2 Pro Miner. Understanding how it works and how to achieve and keep a 100% M2 Pro Miner Health is important to keep your MXC mining rewards to a maximum. As the Miner Health influences the amount of tokens that you earn, you will want to keep it as high as possible to make the most from your investment. Here’s how the M2 Pro Miner Health system works:

M2 Pro Miner Health

What is the M2 Pro Miner Health?

The efficiency of your M2 Pro Miner depends on the Miner Health. By reaching and maintaining a score of 100%, the M2 Pro Miner mines with 100% of its potential. Luckily, it is not hard to max this out as all the factors involved are not of a technical nature and are easy to understand.

The simple version of the explanation is: plug it in, place it upright and don’t touch it. Easy, right? Now, if you’re here because one of your values is down, keep reading to understand all the aspects of the Miner Health and how to get it (back) to 100%.

Did you buy a new M2 Pro miner and is the value 80%? Do not worry, this is normal. New Miners start with 80% health but will automatically go to 100% within a week as long as you leave it on and meet the other criteria.

M2 Pro Miner Health – 6 key factors

There are 6 key factors that are responsible for the M2 Pro Miner health. We’ll list them below and then go through them and explain how they work and how much they weigh in determining the Miner Health.

1. Fuel – Responsible for 50% of Miner Health

M2 Pro Miner Health Fuel Tank

The Fuel Tank is the place where your mined MXC is stored. The size of the fuel tank grows as the amount of MXC you mine increases. So when you start out with a brand new shiny M2 Pro Miner, the size of your Fuel Tank is 0 as it has not mined any MXC yet. For every 1 MXC that you mine – the Fuel Tank size increases by 1. By keeping a full fuel tank, this parameter remains at 100% (and therefore 50% of the Miner Health).

Should you decide to take out some MXC from the fuel tank, let’s say 20% of all the MXC tokens in the fuel tank, the remaining % (80%) will be the value of this factor. Having a fuel tank 80% filled and fuel being 50% responsible for the total miner health, assuming the other factors are 100%, your final value of your miner health will be 90%. To get this back up to 100%, you would need to replace the MXC you took out and fill the fuel tank back to 100%.

2. Uptime – Responsible for 20% of Miner Health

M2 Pro Miner Health Uptime

The uptime is the second biggest factor after Fuel. As long as your M2 Pro Miner is always turned on and has a working internet connection, this value will remain the full 100%. In case your Miner is temporarily switched off or goes offline for whatever reason, the uptime percentage will go down. But no worries, it will slowly go back to 100% once it’s working and connected again.

3. Orientation – Responsible for 13% of Miner Health

M2 Pro Miner Health orientation

By placing the M2 Pro Miner upright with the antennas pointing up, you keep this factor at 100%. This way the Miner antennes can work most efficiently.

4. Proximity – Responsible for 7% of Miner Health

If a second M2 Pro Miner is located within a radius of 50 meters from your miner, this will lead to a loss of up to 7% of the total Miner Health. If you own two M2 Pro Miners and place them adjacent to each other, both Miners will lose 7% health. If you place them 25 meters apart, you will lose 3.5% per Miner. This is to encourage dispersal of the Miners – the goal of MXC is to create a global network and that only works if Miners are spread out from one another so the coverage they create is as far and wide as possible.

understandably, you don’t have influence over what your neighbours do, therefore the ‘penalty’ is only up to 7%. Worst case you can considering moving your miner to a different location such as a friend or family member’s house or the office.

5. GPS – Responsible for 5% of Miner Health

M2 Pro Miner Health GPS

This functionality has not yet been implemented by MatchX and so this value will always be 100%. We speculate that in the future it might be related to it’s connectivity to GPS satellites, however that is just a guess. At this moment, you don’t have to worry about this.

6. Altitude – Responsible for 5% of Miner Health

This functionality also has not yet been implemented, so you don’t have to worry about this (yet). It is not yet clear what exactly this will entail. We suspect it might be related to how high the miner is placed from the ground – but no details are known at this time.

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