M2 Pro Miner discount code – €50,00 coupon

When you’re shopping for a product you really want, it’s always good to look around online for discount codes. Oftentimes, you’ll find that with just 1 search you can get those little extra discounts that’ll allow you to buy the product you’re looking for and save yourself enough money for a romantic dinner for two. For those looking for a discount on the M2 Pro Miner, we have good news. Thanks to our partnership, we can give you €50,00 discount on the M2 Pro Miner. No strings attached.

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Claim your M2 Pro Miner Discount

As you’re probably not here to read a complete article, we’ll save you some time and give you the code right away. The M2 Pro Miner discount coupon code is ‘AFFILIATE_3482948’. For your convenience, we implemented it in the button below so that you don’t have to remember the code. Simply click the link below and you’ll be taken to the official webshop of MatchX with the discount included.

As you can see below, our partnership results in a discount of €50,00 for you. This way the M2 Pro miner will cost you only €2500.99 when shipped to most countries within the European Union. Note that shipping might be slightly more expensive to your country as that depends on the shipping company. Either way – this is the best deal for the M2 Pro Miner that you’ll find. They currently do not offer any other discount codes, simply because they (and we) believe in the value of the product

M2 Pro Miner discount code coupon buy matchx MXC

Note that this discount code for the M2 Pro is only valid for €50,00 discount per order. Ordering multiple miners will not grant the €50 off per miner. However, you can always reuse the code and order multiple miners separately, especially if your shipping fees are low. Example: ordering 2 miners in 1 order will result in €9,99 shipping fees and €50 off = €40 discount. Ordering 1 miner twice will result in 2 x €50 off but 2 x €9,99 shipping = €80 discount.

Want to learn more about the M2 Pro?

In this previous article we did some deep diving into the profitability of the M2 Pro Miner. Make sure to check it out before ordering your miner so you understand how much earnings are per day. From our experience with home miners such as Bitcoin miners and Helium Miners, the M2 Pro outperforms them all due to the lower power usage and earning-independency. Where Helium Miner rewards are affected by the amount of worldwide miners, the M2 Pro always earns the same amount.

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m2 pro miner discount code coupon buy matchx korting