M2 Pro Miner Bitcoin (BTC) mining explained

One of the amazing features that separates the MatchX M2 Pro Miner from competitors in the low-powered mining space is its ability to mine multiple tokens simultaneously. During the initial successful launch of the M2 Pro Miner, only MXC tokens could be mined. But the MXC Foundation and MatchX did not sit still and continued to work on their flagship the M2 Pro to allow multiple tokens to be mined at the same time. After successfully running the final low-power Bitcoin mining test net, also known as Das Kaiser Projekt III (DKP III), the test officially ended on the 26th of February 2022 revealing what was suspected already: the trial was a great succes and mining Bitcoin is possible with the M2 Pro.

So let’s dive into Bitcoin (BTC) mining with the MatchX M2 Pro Miner and how it works:

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Can a MatchX M2 Pro Miner really mine Bitcoin (BTC)?

You’re probably wondering how a low-power Miner such as the M2 Pro can mine Bitcoin. After all, traditional BTC miners require tremendous amount of electricity, making them very environmental unfriendly and oftentimes have a fat price tag. The MatchX M2 Pro Miner mines Bitcoin not by means of the traditional Proof of Work consensus mechanism, but by Proof of Participation. This method allows the M2 Pro Miner to earn Bitcoin while still using only about 5W of electricity.

How does the MatchX M2 Pro Mine Bitcoin (BTC)?

The actual method by which the M2 Pro mines Bitcoin is rather complicated. In the video below published on the MXC Foundation Youtube channel they explain how Das Kaiser Projekt (DKP) works. Despite watching it multiple times, we did not fully grasp every detail but will try to explain it as well as we can below. If you have tips to improve this article, please do reach out and we’ll adjust the explanation.


Update 9th of June: It seems the video made by the MXC Foundation has been made private, and is no longer accessible. We did however manage to make a summary of it before it was taken down:

We tried to simplify it down to the following explanation:

Traditional Bitcoin miners either are individual full miners (think designated btc mining hardware), or smaller Bitcoin miners and devices such as GPU’s that join a cloud mining server pool also known as a farm (grouped Bitcoin miners working together). DKP targets this last group and helps with the proportional distribution of BTC that those regular Bitcoin miners earn depending on their participation.

When mining Bitcoin with the M2 Pro Miner, all participating miners are automatically pooled together collectively to generate mPower. This mPower is used to perform data validation and data valuation of the data processed by the Bitcoin cloud mining pool. As a reward, M2 Pro Miners will receive Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) which is automatically converted to regular Bitcoins in the DataDash app for you to receive.

Much much BTC does an M2 Pro Miner earn?

During initial testing with the sample group, each M2 Pro Miner participating in the Bitcoin mining test run earned $38.30 during the 30 day trial. This amounts to just over $1.27 per M2 Pro Miner per day. While these are not wlive changing amounts, on an annual base it’s a nice (free) extra $465 yield for a Miner you might have already had anyway. Though this does not come close to the $10-12 USD the miner earns in MXC, any extras are always welcome.

How to mine Bitcoin with the MatchX M2 Pro Miner?

To mine Bitcoin with your MatchX M2 Pro Miner there are 2 requirements:

  1. Lock 5000 MXC tokens in the Datadash app per M2 Pro Miner. (Not staking, locking.)
  2. Obtain/maintain a Miner Health of 90% or higher

It is recommended that you buy the required 5000 MXC tokens separately and not take them out of your Fuel Tank so as not to negatively affect your Miner Health. So with the current price of $0.080 per MXC, you will need to invest $400 to be able to mine Bitcoin. Of course, you can get back (and sell) the 5000 MXC tokens at a later date, so you will not lose these tokens.

You can use the M2 Pro app (Datadash) to lock the MXC tokens and enable Bitcoin mining. Go to the homepage -> ‘Add Token’ -> ‘Add BTC’ and follow the steps here.

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