M2 Pro Miner Guide & Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the MatchX M2 Pro profitability?

The M2 Pro mines between $10-14 per day in MXC tokens. Should the token price go down, your miner will earn more MXC tokens. If the price goes up the amount of tokens it rewards goes down. This is to guarantee a daily average between $10-14 USD. Therefore, the M2 Pro miner is bear market proof. In addition, you will also earn BTC and DHX. This amount is currently only around $1, but might increase in the future. The majority of the income is from MXC tokens.

2. Where can you buy a MatchX M2 Pro (with discount)?

You can order the MatchX M2 Pro Miner from the official website of MatchX with €50,00 off by ordering through the link below. Currently, they offer the lowest price. If you plan to order in bulk (10+), please reach out to us and we will try to speed up shipping times for you.

3. How much does the MatchX M2 Pro cost?

The MatchX M2 Pro cost €2829,00 before the €50,00 discount and €2779,00 after the discount you receive by ordering through our channel. The shipping fees depend on your country but should be around €10,00.

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4. What is the MatchX M2 Pro multi token crypto miner?

The M2 Pro from the company MatchX is a smart gateway that allows you to mine cryptocurrency from home. The developer MatchX is a German company founded in 2018 with the aim of creating a free global Internet of Things (Iot) network. As a reward for hosting a Miner and providing coverage, the owner of the gateway will receive cryptocurrency tokens.

The M2 Pro Miner was originally only able to mine the token MXC – meanwhile, it is also capable of mining BTC and DHX. MatchX is currently working on enabling DOT mining. The Miner is easy to install and only needs a mains power & WiFi/Ethernet connection to work. You have set this up via the mobile application and it will automatically start mining MXC.

5. What is the M2 Pro Miner Health?

The efficiency of your M2 Pro Miner depends on the Miner Health. By reaching and maintaining a score of 100%, the M2 Pro mines 100% of its potential. There are 6 factors that determine the Miner Health.

As soon as you connect a new Miner it will start with 80% health – but don’t worry, it will automatically go to 100% within a week as long as you leave it on and meet the other criteria(s).

1) Uptime: Responsible for 20% of Miner Health. As long as the Miner is always on and has an internet connection, this parameter will remain 100%. Should your Miner be temporarily off/offline for whatever reason, the percentage will drop – but thankfully slowly go back to 100% once it’s working/connected again.

2) GPS: Responsible for 5% of Miner Health. This functionality has not yet been implemented so you don’t have to worry about it (yet). What this will entail exactly is not yet clear.

3) Altitude: Responsible for 5% of Miner Health. This functionality has not yet been implemented, so you don’t have to worry about this (yet). It is not yet clear what exactly this will entail.

4) Orientation: Responsible for 13% of Miner Health. By setting the Miner straight with the antennas up, you keep this factor at 100%.

5) Proximity: Responsible for 7% of Miner Health. If a second M2 Pro miner is within a radius of 50 meters, this will lead to a loss of up to 7% of the Miner Health. If you put them next to each other in the window, they will lose 7% health per Miner. If you place them 25 meters apart, you will lose 3.5% per Miner. This is to encourage dispersal of the Miners – the goal of MXC is to create a global network and that only works if Miners are spread out from one another.

6) Fuel. Responsible for 50% of the Miner Health. By keeping a full fuel tank, this parameter remains at 100% (and therefore 50% of the Miner Health).

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6. MatchX M2 Pro Fuel Tank explanation

The Fuel Tank status is responsible for 50% of the Miner Health. By keeping your Fuel Tank full (and optimizing the other parameters) your Miner will operate at 100% efficiency.

Mined MXC tokens are automatically stored in the Fuel Tank. The size of the Fuel Tank is equal to the number of tokens you mined in total. If you mined 100 MXC tokens on day 1, the total size of your fuel tank would be 100. If you mined another 100 MXC tokens on day 2, the maximum size of the tank would be 200.

However, if after 2 days you decide to take all 200 MXC tokens out of the fuel tank, your fuel will be 0(%) and it will cost you 50% of your Miner health. As a result, the Miner will only have an efficiency of 50% – and thus, taking into account the above example, will only mine 50 MXC tokens.

Now you might think: okay then after 4 days a 50 tokens the tank is full again – but it doesn’t work like that. The size of the fuel tank will keep growing with every token you mined. So after 4 days you will have 200 fuel in a fuel tank with a capacity of 400. Since that is 50% of the capacity, your Miner Health will be 75% again.

So without manually adding MXC tokens, it will never be possible to get a full fuel tank – and thus a Miner Health of 100%. However, it will slowly climb back up and you can get close to 100%.

7. What is the best MatchX M2 Pro mining strategy?

So it pays to leave your MXC tokens in the fuel tank. That way you maintain a Miner Health of 100% and mine to the max. But what is the right time to cash out if you are “penalized” when you withdraw tokens? A popular strategy that many M2 Pro Miner owners use is to keep the Fuel Tank full until the Miner has paid for itself and then bring in the next M2 Pro.

Suppose you break even after 252 days and you’ve earned back the €2799 and use it to buy a second M2 Pro Miner, so on day 252 you’ll have two Miners. One new one running at 100% efficiency and one initially running at 50% efficiency (the percentage of which is slowly increasing again). Because you now have 2 Miners, you will be able to earn back the second one more quickly and then purchase the third. The time between buying a new miner will become smaller and smaller and your daily income will be higher and higher.

So let it be clear that this is a multi-year plan and not a quick cash grab. Although many users on the Internet are critical of the Fuel Tank concept, I believe that it is actually beneficial to the project and the value of the coin. This makes reselling Miners uninteresting (after all, who wants to buy a Miner with 50% health) and prevents pump ‘n dump schemes – which benefits the value of the MXC coin.

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8. How much electricity/power does a MatchX M2 Pro miner use?

Like a Helium Hotspot Miner, the MatchX M2 Pro consumes only the amount of power of a small light bulb: 3.5 Watts. By comparison, a small Bitcoin Miner easily consumes 1600 Watts – like having your dryer on all day.

9. How to mine Bitcoin (BTC) with the MatchX M2 Pro?

On November 30, 2021, MatchX made Bitcoin mining possible with the M2 Pro Miner. It is worth noting that this does not work through the Proof of Work consensus mechanism – but through Proof of Participation via the BTC mining testnet. As a result, the M2 Pro Miner does not have to solve complex calculations that require huge amounts of computing power like traditional Bitcoin Miners – but still produces BTC.

In order to mine Bitcoin with the M2 Pro, there are a number of requirements you must meet:

1) Lock up 6000 MXC tokens and
2) Have a Miner Health of at least 90%.

It is recommended that you buy the required 6000 MXC tokens separately and not take them out of your Fuel Tank so as not to negatively affect your Miner Health. So with a price of $0.10456 per MXC you will need to invest $627 to be able to mine Bitcoin. Of course, you can get back (and sell) the 6000 MXC tokens at a later date, so you will not lose these tokens.

You can use the M2 Pro app (Datadash) to freeze the MXC tokens and enable bitcoin mining. Go to the homepage -> ‘Add Token’ -> ‘Add BTC’ and follow the steps here.

10. How much Bitcoin (BTC) does the MatchX M2 Pro earn?

During the extensive testing of the “Das Kaiser Projekt” – as MXC calls this project, an average of $38.60 per person of Bitcoin was mined over a 30-day period. This equates to a daily yield of $1.28 in BTC. Exact current yields are hard to find online but will be around the above amount – depending on the price of Bitcoin.

11. How to Mine DataHighway (DHX) with the MatchX M2 Pro?

DHX – DataHighway is a new blockchain project whose coin can recently be mined as a third token with the M2 Pro Miner. Through the Datadash app you can start mining DHX by following the steps.

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buy matchx m2 pro mxc btc LPWAN crypto miner discount code multi token M2PRO MatchX order

To mine DHX requires a combination of 2 components:

1) mPower (Mining Power) – which is obtained by having a Miner (your M2 Pro) and by pinning an x number of MXC tokens. Every 1 MXC that you secure equals 1 mPower.

Having an M2 Pro Miner will result in a boost of 100% of your mPower. In addition, you can get a mining boost of 10%, 20% or 40% when you secure the MXC tokens for a longer period of time.

3 Months is 0% bonus
9 Months is 10% bonus
12 Months is 20% bonus
24 Months is 40% bonus

Example: If you have one M2 Pro Miner and secure 1000 MXC tokens for 24 months, your mPower will be ((1000 *2) *1.4) = 2800.

2) ‘Bonded DHX‘. The second factor that determines the amount of DHX yield is the amount of DHX you ‘bond’ (fix). In order to utilize the full 100% mining potential per bonded DHX, you will need x number of mPower. At the time of writing, you need 11944.15 mPower per 1 DHX that you bond. That one bonded DHX will then yield 0.0143 DHX per day (at this time).