Buying MXC on Coinbase is now possible! Get €10 free

Good news for MXC enthusiasts. The MXC Foundation’s native coin and the lifeblood of the M2 Pro Miner is now available on the popular exchange Coinbase. The MXC Foundation recently announced this news via Twitter.

“Listing on @coinbase is big news. We are now prepared to show the top 100 tokens what #MXC can do.” said @sheenhuxin on twitter.

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MXC Buying on Coinbase

To buy MXC you will need an account on Coinbase, one of the largest and most prominent crypto exchanges in the world. Click here to create a free account and also get €10 for free in BTC when you invest €100 in crypto (such as MXC!).

MXC price – 300% in one year

The price of the MXC token has skyrocketed over the past year. In September last year it was around €0.018, currently it stands at €0.07 – an increase of more than 300%. With greater adoption of the network, the price is expected to rise further. The MXC foundation is continuously closing new deals with partners, and the fact that MXC is now for sale on Coinbase is a sign of confidence for potential investors.

M2 Pro Miners

Rather earn MXC tokens yourself? Order an M2 Pro miner today and start earning MXC tokens yourself. The M2 Pro Miner delivers between €10-12 euros per day in MXC and also earns a small amount of BTC and DHX. Learn more about the M2 Pro miner on this website.

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