The king of all miners

The M2 Pro Miner

Come and gone have the days of complicated mining rigs, electricity slurping BTC miners and low rewards. The M2 Pro multi token miner provides stable rewards and incentives long term mining. Plug & play and reap the rewards within months.

M2 Pro Miner: MXC mining

The native currency of the MatchX M2 Pro miner is the MXC token. Backed by the MXC foundation this unique method of mining rewards a stable amount of MXC coins for owners of an M2 Pro miner.

The MXC foundation is based in Berlin, Germany and launched the project in 2018. Their goal is to create a global, free IoT network on Web 3.0. Ever since it’s launch, the founders Xin Shee Hu, Aaron Wagener & Piotr Brzezinski have been working non-stop to create Smart Cities by the means of LoRaWan and IoT.

The MatchX M2 Pro is the world’s first LPWAN IoT crypto miner that rewards patience by incentivize long term ‘HODLing’, protecting it from ‘Pump & dump’ schemes.

M2 Pro Miner: BTC mining

One of the first major updates to the M2 Pro miner was enabling it to mine Bitcoin (BTC). After staking 6000 MXC – which is earned by the miner pretty quick – a few button clicks later you will find yourself earning Bitcoin alongside MXC.

Bitcoin mining rigs are known to be very power consuming but fear not – the M2 Pro Miner earns its Bitcoins through Proof of Participation. This consensus mechanism model barely requires computing power – hence a low power requirement.

M2 Pro Miner: DHX mining

DataHighway coins (DHX) can also be mined with the M2 Pro Miner in just a few steps. By locking some MXC and depositing some initial DHX, you create Mining Power (mPower) used to mine DHX.

Check out this step by step video tutorial by Crypto gossip on how you can set up your M2 Pro Miner to mine DHX.

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